Metroleague carnage as A Division team threepeats

"Angela Farrell sets interesting course for Waggaroos" read the OANSW headlines*.

(* the final did get covered later, but was beaten to the punch by SMH and this article)

Meanwhile the Sydney Mornig Herald managed this before the Rugby League results:



Amber selected for World Champs team

Hot new from our reporters in New Zealand:

Amber MorrisAmber in OZon, who Big Foot borrow from Hawkes Bay when she is in Australia, has been picked for the New Zealand team for the World Championships to run in the Sprint, Middle, Long and Relay disciplines. This follows some excellent results at the recent New Zealand champs held over Easter.

Congratulations Amber.

They fly by night and crash by day

Those magnificent men (and women) and their lighting machines...

After a fairly successful night's orienteering at the state night championships, all but one of the Big Feet doubling up for the state league the morning after came crashing down.


Metro League 1 - Dramatic Water Rescue

Must belong to a big foot

Big Foot's 2009 Metro league hero, Richard Lauder had to intervene to save a fellow orienteer fom drowning at today's metro league, en route to helping the team to a narrow win over Bennelong.

Update from Richard - the rescue actually used a giant inflatable thong (a.k.a jandal,flip-flop) - classic Big Foot wear.


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