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Thanks to Paula and her merry pink crew for today's event. On behalf of the club, thanks to those who pre-entered - it makes life much easier for the organisers.


Metroleague Finals 2014, Cecil Hills South: Big Foot triumphant in Divs 1 and 2

Mark and Andrew comparing notes about routes

Mark and Andrew comparing notes about routes


Mt Annan

The Metroleague season started with a bang for The Feet with wins in all 3 Divisions in the searing heat of Mt Annan. Standout performances include Alastair George's 28 mins for the Div 3 course and Daniele Guardini & Greg Barbour taking home the 10 points in Div 2 and Div 1. Looks like selection decisions will be tough for the next round.

Results and splits


Hobbits break out of the Shire - Oatley Metro League

Shoe choices

Just over the water from the Shire, Oatley Park provided a great day for the visiting hobbits.

Today's picture shows three Big Foot hobbits revelling in the discovery of shoes. They'll never catch on.


Metroleague carnage as A Division team threepeats

"Angela Farrell sets interesting course for Waggaroos" read the OANSW headlines*.

(* the final did get covered later, but was beaten to the punch by SMH and this article)

Meanwhile the Sydney Mornig Herald managed this before the Rugby League results:



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