Metroleague carnage as A Division team threepeats

"Angela Farrell sets interesting course for Waggaroos" read the OANSW headlines*.

(* the final did get covered later, but was beaten to the punch by SMH and this article)

Meanwhile the Sydney Mornig Herald managed this before the Rugby League results:


Founder member Greg Barbour returned to lead a strong Big Foot team to victory in the final round of the season, bringing an unprecedented third top tier title to Big Foot. Greg was joined by Patrik, Jock, Paul Marsh and Mike Burton who were only one spot away from finishing in the ranking order produced by team captain Simon George. Simon led home the diviision 3 team in their final, narrowly beating Paula Shingler. They were ably assisted by Carol, Nicky and Richard Lauder (who was the backbone of the 2009 Div 1 team).

With another ten or so Big Feet unable to get a spot in a team, and some dominating performances on the string course, maybe Big Foot will have to field three teams in 2012. Good grief. What next ? Green O suits ? wink