Newcastle Night Champs - Eleebana

Newcastle Night Champs - Eleebana
Event Date: 2024-05-01
Club: Newcastle Orienteering Club
EVENT: Newcastle Night Champs 

DATE: Wednesday 1 May, 2024

LOCATION: Thomas H Halton Park, Eleebana

STARTS: After sunset and twilight, approx. between 6.30pm and 7.30pm (potentially earlier if dark enough).
COURSE CLOSURE: 8:30pm. (Finish after 8:30pm and you risk being disqualified for failing to finish the course in the allowed time).

DIRECTIONS: Travelling north along Macquarie Road turn left into the main park entrance approx. 200m past Tingira Drive where the children’s playground is located.
Travelling south along Bareki Road which become Macquarie Drive turn right into the main park entrance where the children’s playground is located. If you get to Tingira Drive on the left you have gone too far.

ASSEMBLY: The assembly area is located in the middle of Thomas H Halton Park. Please access the park via the main park entry on Macquarie Drive, Eleebana.

MAP: Thomas H Halton Park. Revised by D. Orr 2024. 1:4000, 2 metre contours and 1:1000, 2 metre contours.

FORMAT: Line courses utilising traditional orange and white flags with Sportident punching. If you do not have an SI stick you will need to rent one. Use the services option to add when entering.

COURSES: Long 4.2 km and Short 2.5 km.
Both courses have a map change (turn over the map for the other part of the course). The first part of both these courses is on a 1:1000 scale map and the other part is at 1:4000 scale.

TERRAIN: Open Parkland. The main road, dog exercise area and skate park are out of bounds and marked accordingly on the map. There are controls near the skate park. The intent of the out bounds area at the skate park is to stop competitors running through the middle of it. You will be disqualified for crossing out of bounds areas. The kid's playground has been mapped at 1:1000 and can be traversed as part of the course and may be a viable route choice. You must use the mapped gates to enter and exit the playground area. You will be disqualified for jumping over the fence which is mapped as an impassable fence.

SPECIAL MAP SYMBOLS: Black circle = table/seat, Black cross = playground equipment.

Short and long courses cross carparks. Please be careful and check for traffic. 
Bring insect repellent to protect from mosquitoes.
Obviously a (head) torch will be essential.

CONTROL DESCRIPTIONS: Printed on the map (may be loose copies available at start).

FEES: $10 Members, $12 Non-members.

FACILITIES: Toilets, barbecues, play equipment.

PLANNING: Daniel Orr. VETTER: Nicole Haigh.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2024