They fly by night and crash by day

After a fairly successful night's orienteering at the state night championships, all but one of the Big Feet doubling up for the state league the morning after came crashing down.

Cath and Rebecca (pictured) won their classes at the night champs at Horsley Park, only to blow out the next day on the tricky Wattle Ridge map, with Cath clocking over 100 minutes and Rebecca bailing at #3. Also pictured is Simon, who only just cracked 100 minutes on Sunday after a steady outing at night. He did look better by day than this photo suggests (sorry Simon).

Others who fell to earth: Mark Shingler (DNF the day event), Andy Simpson (101 minutes in the day).

The exception that proves (he would probably say probes, being Scottish) was Richard Lauder, who won both night and day races in M35AS,.

Other winners who only did one event: Michael Roylance (night champ M55AS), Callum Davis (State League M12A), Jock Davis (State League - where he thumped all-comers M45 (and W21)) and Nicky Nygh who won by 30 minutes and Ewan Shingler.

Green course kids

Green course podium - Alastair, Callum and Andrew, 2nd,1st and 3rd respectively.