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Nea Shingler levels Cathy McComb's all-time record with 4 wins - Queensland's Ryan Gray wins mens race

Nea Shingler broke out of training camp to defend her title, 4-peat and level with Cathy McComb with the all-time record of 4 wins at Big Foot Sprints. Ryan Gray came back from a 32 second leg 1 deficit to verhaul Cooper Horley and win the men's division to win by 7 seconds.

Short but technical course setting at Ingleside Scout Camp by Jock Davis provided a great afternoon and early evening of head-to-head racing all the way through the field. Thanks to Jock and to Tracy Marsh for organising. Also to the their family members and various Big Feet for helping.

Metro League wrap

Thanks to everyone who came to the St Ives showgrounds today, great weather and a variety of orienteering experiences. 

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National selectors stymie Big Foot Metro League hopes

Club captain Alastair George slammed the national selectors today as he realised that he would have to field weakened teams for this weekend's Metro League event at St. Ives Showground. Casting his eyes over the four (4) Big Feet selected for the world champs he must have wept in his Grød as he realised that Big Foot's greatest prank ever, substituting the ML team into the WOC team would leave the team unmanned at St Ives.

Appeals to the WOC organisers to alter the date (again) have fallen on deaf ears

Vale Rob Plowright

Father, mapper, top orienteer, ski buddy and Big Foot friend Rob Plowright passed away on 19th April, 2022.

Rob worked on several maps for Big Foot, but beyond that was a good friend to anyone in the club who got to know him before and after that time. Once Rob moved to Japan to live with Masumi we saw less of him, but the rise of social media and internet based communications meant that Rob was always around online. He was a thoughtful commentator on numerous online orienteering forums over the years, making new friends when his straight talking didn't scare them off.

Big Foot Sprints - Results

Winners are grinners

Top course planning by Paul and Tracy coupled with plenty of sunshine made for a great Big Foot Sprints outing.

Nea Shingler won the women's division for the third consecutive year, while her brother Ewan followed on his 2020 win (run in early 2021) with a win over 2019 champ Alistair George. Checkout the LiveLox replay to see how close Ali was to beating him.

Big Foot turns 40 - are we the new old farts ?

In a shocking display of the unrelenting nature of time it was recently discovered that it is 1991 2021 already !!

To celebrate the occasion we will be rocking the Showground after Big Foot Sprints.

A brief history of the club that was on this page and was also published in the Australian Orienteer has been removed. Many longstanding members found that it it did not present an accurate view of the last 30 years and omitted much that was achieved by our younger and female members.


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