Big Foot Sprints 2021 - strap on your ballet shoes !

Big Foot Sprints XXIV

COVID dependent, Big Foot Sprints XXIV will be on Saturday 18 December 2021.

Courses are by Paul Marsh in the sprint-challenging terrain of St Ives Showground using the hitherto unused recent remap.


9am to 10am window for queuing starts for the first course.

11am trigger for the second course starts.

Second course closure 12:30pm.

Big Foot turns 40 - are we the new old farts ?

In a shocking display of the unrelenting nature of time it was recently discovered that it is 1991 2021 already !!

Club archaeologist and occasional president has been digging up the skeletons - the official club history is available at our online shoppe for a one-off price of $2,099 if you buy before Christmas or as a free download here.

Event cancellation - Metro League and Ski-O

The Metro League scheduled for (checks calendar..) today, 1st August has been cancelled, along with the ACT/NSW SkiO champs for 15th August.

The Metro League may be rescheduled for later this year, watch Eventor for details.



State League 2, Wattle Ridge, results and wrap

Big Foot Sprints Results

Splits (AttackPoint) |  Overall | Eventor

A great end to 2020, albeit a few months late. Top planning and organising by Mounty and Andrew who took the lockdown delay in their stride.

Falnash Frolic wraps up the season with (almost) no orienteering

What should have been the final state league of the year became the only state level bush orienteering event of the year on the first weekend of November. Despite the dearth of orienteering a relatively poor turnout from other clubs turned out to run some great courses planned by promising youngster Ewan Shingler. 

The event can be reviewed in LiveLox here.

Metro League 2020 titles in Div 1 & Div 2

Big Foot took out both the Division 1 and Division 2 titles at the final Metro League of an odd season held at Landsowne.

For the div 1 team, this was the 4th consecutive title, the run of 6 titles from 2009-2014 now looks under threat, with a few grizzly veterans still in the team from that era. For the div 2 team, their wins seem to come every 3 years and again the team was a blend of youth and not-so-youth.

Ski-O 2020 - Cancelled

Ski-O is cancelled for 2020 - the Nordic shelter at Perisher is unavailable for use as a race HQ which leaves the logistics pretty broken.

There is snow however, so we hope to post some virtual courses on the date of the original scheduled weekend.

There are a number of Covid-19 based new rules in place, please familiarise yourseof with them if you are going skiing in the NSW national parks this year.


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