BF in WA at Easter: 2nd club behind Australopers

BF did well in WA at Easter, despite several members going to NZ instead. BF were 2nd Australian club behind Australopers. Here is a link to some photos taken at the sprint on Day 1 (Saturday 20/4/19). Simon George

Summer Series - West Pymble - Results

Thanks to Hamish and Amanda for carrying out this event from start to finish, including producing the map, finding the venue and planning the courses.

Congratulations to everyone who set a points pb - next year 700 points !

Results | Eventor | RouteGadget


St Ives Sprint - (nearly) all the fun of the fair

Thanks to Alistair George for planning and organising a great event. The turn out was a little larger than anticipated - apologies to those who had to use a recycled map or missed out on their choice of course. All the results are here:

Summer Series Longueville - Results Links

Big Foot | Eventor | RouteGadget

Thanks to Ewan for planning and everyone for coming. All the controls were there when we went to pick them up, despite the reputation that the "wrong side of River Road"has for petty theft (and bad drivers).

Xmas 5 days - Sydney Uni Results Wrap

BFS XXI - a hospital pass to Grace!

AttackPoint (both stages) | Eventor | Big Foot Results

Thanks to everyone for attending the 21st edition of Big Foot Sprints organised by Grace Molloy NSW's coach in residence, winners this year were Ewan Shingler (BF) and Michele Dawson (GO).  Many thanks to Grace for a couple of great courses and to Garingal for use of their map.

Summer Series - Sugarbag Creek Results (aka not all the grey things in the room are elephants)

Results are temporarily here and in eventor and officially (Big Foot official) here

NSW MTBO Champs - Finally some splits

After many weeks of forensic investigation, here are a bunch of results:

AttackPoint Splits | Winsplits | Eventor | Big Foot



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