Ski-O 2020 - Cancelled

Ski-O is cancelled for 2020 - the Nordic shelter at Perisher is unavailable for use as a race HQ which leaves the logistics pretty broken.

There is snow however, so we hope to post some virtual courses on the date of the original scheduled weekend.

There are a number of Covid-19 based new rules in place, please familiarise yourseof with them if you are going skiing in the NSW national parks this year.

Big Fat Quiz chaos

Big Foot's answer to University Challenge saw more post finish audits than a Sydney-Hobart. With Aoife Rothery taking line honours, a clinical investigation by auditors Ernst and Eric found that several questions were marked incorrectly.

Thanks to competitors and question setters.

Quiz Questions  |  Quiz Answers

Metro League 1 - Results and so on

Sydney Sprint - Chatswood HS

Big Foot Sprints XXII - Callan Park

Attack Point | WinSplits | Eventor | LiveLox

Overall Results (click Read More)

Results and routes for NSW Sprint Champs

Maps, courses and routes should be available in LiveLox here

Results are still on Big Foot's Live Results page and Eventor

Big Foot retain Metro League title

Metro League Div 4 Winners

Big Foot retained the Division 1 Metro League title with a match in hand, rounding off with a second win over Garingal at Mulgoa. They even had a token under-50 or two make appearances during the year.

Tough courses with plenty of climb, rock and sticks didn't deter the Div 4 team either who went on to complete a clean-sweep by winning their grand final.

Club captain Miles Ellis skipped the event having already left selection details for the winning teams. Nice work again Miles.

Metro League Wrap

Thanks to one man band Miles for today's event, a massive effort.

Links to results in various formats are below.

LiveLox | AttackPoint | Big Foot | WinSplits | Eventor | Rankings

Thanks to Blacktown Council for giving us access for today's event.

The rankings commissioners will be examining how a pot-hunting Bart Vonhoff grabbed so many points on Div 4.


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