Sydney Olympic Park sprint-O - results available


We've go Attackpoint,we've got  RouteGadget, we've got plain old plain flavour , we've got ordered by LottyClass we've even got ranking points.

Apologies to those who were dq'd and didn't find out about it until now. A couple didn't clear. Someone didn't punch the start. For some the first was the last. A few people seemed to have skipped a control, a few people must have illegally reached over at #10  - the AttackPoint splits show the story.

A complaint was received about the actions of several competitors who gained advantage, whether deliberately or not, by crossing or reaching over out of bounds. The organiser has chosen to take no further action, but competitors are asked to learn and obey the rules of sprint orienteering before attending future sprint discipline races. Anybody who wants to disqualify themselves, feel free to dob yourself in, the official results in Eventor will be updated, but other results (RouteGadget, AttackPoint etc) will be left as they are.