SSS 10 Hunts Creek - Results

Thanks for battling the horrible Sydney traffic to get to the event today. Its a great area for those who got there - plenty of bush, quiet streets and the locals are friendly and sometimes even have a crack at orienteering.

Combined Results (with splits) | Eventor | RouteGadget

Great planning by Wiz who has returned to the planners chair after finally shedding the trauma inflicted by Prof Burton's response to his 1990's SSS event in Lindfield. Also thanks to the on-the-day crew of Hamish, Lyra, Nea (all pictured), Lucy, Debbie, Andrew, Eoin, Amanda, Michael - probably our best volunteer turnout for a while (and I bet I missed someone).

With regard to Sydney's continual descent into gridlock, its interesting to note that the Summer series in Hobart is now getting similar numbers to our (still popular, but stuck on the M2) series.