NSW Ski-O Championships 2015 - Perisher

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Third time in three years for the NSW Ski Orienteering Championship up in the Snowy Mountains in Australia and what seemed to be a given success with plenty of snow and all time high in registration, turned into something else when the weather gods turned a blind eye at the event.

It started already on Saturday when my plans was to check the tracks and surroundings and the winds swept the valley with speed up to 90-100 km/h (25m/s) and I hardly could open the front door to the ski lodge. With big eyes I saw a guy swooshing past on his skis (surely exceeding the speed limit) with no poles. He clearly hadn't consider how to get back. Not only was it windy but it rained heavily too. In the afternoon the stands and the flags had to go out and I was the one. I can say, it was a very long time since I had frozen that much. Anyway with everything set for the race it was just to hope that the weather would be better. It was ... slightly.

With 2 degrees and mixed rain/snow, the sunshine skiers from Canberra decided to stay at home. The rest of the competitors who started, either gave up or really really got great value for their hard earned bucks. Winning time and length (as the crow flies) on the short course was 53 min (2,5km), middle 1:29 hrs (3,5km) and long 2:05 hrs (5,5km). To try to describe the weather and tracks would not be easy therefore I let the pictures speak for themself ... although I don't think they make a fair representation of how bad it actually was.

At the finish it was mere happy faces of the competitors even with water pouring out of their clothes and with chattering teeth. A happy couple had been out for 3:10 hrs and I asked the guy, given he was soaked, if he didn't thought about giving up. The reply was - "my missus wouldn't allow me". .... smile emoticon

Big thanks to Wayne Pethybridge from http://www.perisherxcountry.org/ who did a tremendous work on the ski-doo, David Poland for the promotion in ACT and Jason R and Michael R (with son) for the event support and to http://bigfootorienteers.com/
Btw. it seems I totally forgotten the pain of clearing the snow of a car!!!

— with Jason Rutkowski at Perisher Valley.

Excellent NY Times video introducing orienteering & TG

Jukkola Start - Great footage from helicopter cam

QB3 Day 2 Results

Links to the results, Eventor, splits, ranking all available now from qb3 web site

World's best O area to be used in 2016 NSW school holidays

Great news for fans of really, really good orienteering. The French are putting on O'France in 2016 during the NSW July school holidays on the fantastic Larzac plateau.

This is what Thierry Georgiuou had to say about one of the areas "Les Bouzigasses" when arguing for its inclusion on 101 maps to orienteer on before you die:"This terrain has to be in the list, simply because if it is not in the list, no other terrain can enter in the “101 Orienteering maps you should run on before you die”

1st and 1st at rogaine as suspect SQL injection attack is defeated

Gill Fowler and running buddy Jess Baker took out the 12 hour category of the Mill Creek rogaine whis weekend, while fellow Feet Mike Burton and Brooner got up for their first win in the 6 hours after a somewhat disappointing result in their previous outing. Simon George and Jayne Sayles placed 3rd in the mixed and 4th overall.

The tail end of an East coast low make the weather "interesting", and one team was out overnight sheltering while lost.

Sweden's Idre O-week - Big Foot suspected

Idre O-week in Sweden sends a special invitation to Australian orienteers to come on over. Detailed forensic investigation of one of the areas reveals that one of us may have been there before.

If you want to get over there in June, here is the link.

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