Debbie grabs gold as Big Foot take five titles

Big Foot women led the way with five titles at the Australian Sprint championships in Ballarat. Debbie Byers took her first ever title in W60A whilst at the lowest end of the age classes, Nea Shingler won the corresponding 10A title with Oliver Freeman winning the boys. Greg "goldfinger" Barbour maintained his unbeaten carnival, whilst Tracy Marsh stepped down to W35A to win.

The small area made for congested competition, with  a few head-on collisions, map exchanges and a lot of red-and-white tape.

Sensational mispunch of the day was Paula Shingler who punched the map exchange in full view of numerous spectators but her complaints failed to turn over the result (stay tuned).


1 Oliver Freeman M10A
1 Nea Shingler W10A
1 Debbie Byers W60A
1 Greg Barbour M50A
1 Tracy Marsh W35A
2 Mark Shingler M50A
2 Jock Davis M45A
3 Eoin Rothery M55A
4 Jamie Marsh M10A