Not much gold mined at Aus Middle Champs

Skatey Creek map

After a fairly steep introduction to gold mine terrain at the Vic Middle distance champs, things got much hairier at the Aus champs, and many of the large Big Foot contingent struggled with the dense detail.

Highlight was a clear win to Greg Barbour - he tied with Queenslander Mark Nemeth at yesterday's Vic Champs and was behind Mark for much of today's event before finally catching him over the last set of short legs in the mining.

Our sub-juniors did well, with Louise Barbour following her dad's lead and sister Julia, Oliver Freeman and Jamie Marsh also collecting their own gold-mining pans as they placed in W and M10A.

1 Greg Barbour M50A 36:31   10:03  
1 Louise Barbour W10A 14:12   7:16  
2 Oliver Freeman M10A 16:43 +1:22 8:34  
3 Julia Barbour W10A 20:39 +6:27 10:35  
3 Jamie Marsh M10A 17:30 +2:09 8:58  
4 Mark Shingler M50A 44:06 +7:35 12:08  
4 Eoin Rothery M55A 36:05 +5:03 10:04  
4 Cath Chalmers W45A 45:58 +9:19 13:28