World's best O area to be used in 2016 NSW school holidays

Great news for fans of really, really good orienteering. The French are putting on O'France in 2016 during the NSW July school holidays on the fantastic Larzac plateau.

This is what Thierry Georgiuou had to say about one of the areas "Les Bouzigasses" when arguing for its inclusion on 101 maps to orienteer on before you die:"This terrain has to be in the list, simply because if it is not in the list, no other terrain can enter in the “101 Orienteering maps you should run on before you die”

When the French 5 days was held there in 2008, top pommy vet Tim "oi mush" Tett was seen standing absolutely dead still for over a minute before heading into one of the detailed areas on day 5, even though he was leading his class. He ended up 2nd, but avoided losing 10 or 20 minutes.

Go and buy a magnifier for your compass,have a quick look at the map below, sell your earthly possessions and book your flights. You may also need to get a T shirt printed with "I don't know wher I am either so please don't ask me" in many languages.

Map excerpt copyright CDOC12