Rankings: 2014 ends with a tie at the top

Josh is back

2014 saw the Big Pink Rankings finish with Simon Uphill and Josh Blatchford tied at the top and kiwi Lizzie Ingham just pipping Taswegian Hanny Alston as top female orienteer.

Josh has been rebuilding fitness after some gnarly leg surgery and his middle and short distance form is starting to look solid - he rounded off the year by defeating reigning Big Foot Sprints champion Christian Tingström to take out the ultra-sprint finale of the Christmas 5 days.

Simon also hit peak form very recently with a solid 2nd place in the Boxing Day warm up for Tassie event, beating a number of his Australian team-mates.

Lizzie's solid form at the Aus champs carnival took her past Hannie who hasn't run a ranked event since May (Tasmanian events are not currently regularly logged in the OFA or Eventor databases).