Newcastle OY 5 - Abermain North

Newcastle OY 5 - Abermain North
Event Date: 2024-06-23
Club: Newcastle Orienteering Club
EVENT: Newcastle Orienteer of the Year # 5 - Abermain North​​
DATE: Sunday 23rd June 2024
STARTS: 9:30 am -11:30 am. COURSE CLOSURE: 1:00 pm

LOCATION: Northwestern corner of Abermain (corner of Lismore and Albury Sts).

PARKING: Park responsibly in the streets which form the northwestern corner of Abermain. On the residential side of the streets parking will be parallel. On the bush side of the streets some perpendicular parking may be possible.

ASSEMBLY: The registration will be about 60m along the road which joins the northwestern corner of Abermain to Old Maitland Rd. (Abermain Trail - not currently suitable to access the event because water has cut a steep sided groove across the road).

START: 250m northeast of the assembly area. Follow the streamer trail.

MAP: “Abermain North”. Scale 1:10 000 for all courses. 5m contours.

COURSES: Distance / Climb / No. of controls / Description
Very Easy / 2.0km / 30m​ / 10​ / Follows tracks and streamer trails.
Easy​​ / 2.1km​​ / 35m​ / 13 / ​Controls not far from tracks but you need to know where you are along the track before turning off.
Moderate Short / 2.2km​​ / 40m / 8​ / Moderate navigation to prominent features with catching features nearby.
Moderate Long / 2.7km​ / ​50m​ / 10 / Moderate navigation to prominent features with catching features nearby.
Hard Short / 3.3km / ​50m / 11 / Difficult navigation.
Hard Medium / 5.4km​​ / 75m​ / 15 / Difficult navigation.
Hard Long​ / 7.0km​​ / 85m​ / 19 / Difficult navigation.

- Mainly open and runnable but with some thicker sections. Spikey vegetation may be encountered.
- The area is frequented by trail bikes and some 4WD vehicles. If you hear them move out of their way.
- ALL streamer trails are shown on ALL maps with pink/purple dashes.

SPECIAL MAP SYMBOLS: Black cross = car wreck. Black circle = other man-made feature. Brown triangle = termite mound. Green cross = tree root mound.

CONTROL DESCRIPTIONS: On maps with symbols for Hard courses and English for Very Easy, Easy and Moderate courses. Copies of all of these, plus symbols for Moderate courses, will be at registration.



RESTRICTIONS: Dogs, smoking and fires are prohibited from ALL parking, assembly and competition areas during this event.

ASSISTANCE REQUIRED: We need AT LEAST 5 VOLUNTEERS TO HELP COLLECT CONTROLS. If you haven't assisted with this task before, please consider volunteering for this role. Even if you're not an experienced helper, you can still play a vital part in retrieving some of the controls.

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Sunday, June 23, 2024