“The Range” (Killingworth) -...

“The Range” (Killingworth) -...
Event Date: 2022-07-03
At: Killingworth
Club: Newcastle Orienteering Club
Venue: “The Range” (Killingworth)

The purpose of this training event is to practise using the reliable features to help navigate around the course, even when utilising the tracks!

Easy, 2.1 km – Controls are on or close to tracks. Practise checking direction with your compass, and the shape of the land using the contours, rather than just relying on the tracks themselves.
Moderate, 3.4 km – Longer legs and harder control sites than Easy. Structure each leg carefully and make sure you have a clear attack point.
Hard Short, 3.6 km – Full difficulty and some low visibility areas. To sharpen focus on navigating by more reliable features (and compass), tracks have been removed from the map. Power pylons are also gone. A blank complete map is on the flip side, however, as a backup.
Hard Long, 5.8 km – Like Hard Short but with a map flip halfway and no blank complete map as backup. Some controls are in the greener areas in the north not visited by the other courses

More Info: https://eventor.orienteering.asn.au/Documents/Event/13868/Information-flyer

Sunday, July 3, 2022