River and Bay Series #4

River and Bay Series #4
Event Date: 2021-12-05
At: Earlwood
Club: Illawarra Kareelah
Venue: Gough Whitlam Park, Bayview Avenue, Earlwood -
turn north off Bayview Ave into public parking. Overflow parking on the southern side of the road at Canterbury Velodrome

Map: Two Valleys (new). This is a variant of the The Warren map which Dave Lotty has recently extended to the east along Cooks River while retaining all the interesting parkland and bush areas of the old map.

Event Timing: Starting is available between 4pm - 5pm. All competitors must return by 6pm.

This is a SIAC event.

Event Fees: Score (45min), Long (6km) and Medium (4km) Line Courses

- Orienteering Club Members - Seniors $12, Juniors $8, Families $32.

- Casual Registrations (Non-members) - Seniors $15, Juniors $10, Families $40. [Includes SI stick for each individual competitor]

- Groups $20 includes one SI stick hire and two maps.

- Scouts and Guides $5 each in teams of 2 to 4 includes one SI stick hire and a map for each team member

Event Fees: Short (2km) Line Course

- Orienteering Club Members - $4


- Extra maps $2

- SI stick hire $4.

Sunday, December 5, 2021