Newcastle October-November Stree...

Newcastle October-November Stree...
Event Date: 2021-11-30
Club: Newcastle Orienteering Club
• In the first week of October the following events will become available on MapRun:
o Mayfield West, Maryland (both in Newcastle LGA)
o Valentine, Speers Point (both in Lake Macquarie LGA)
o Ashtonfield (in Maitland LGA)
o Medowie (in Port Stephens LGA)
• In the first week of November 1 a further four events will become available:
o Islington, Lambton (Newcastle LGA)
o Blackalls Park, Jewells (Lake Macquarie LGA)
• Details of the start location, the map and the course descriptions will be available on the club website.
• Please follow all COVID restrictions including staying inside your local LGA. At the end of November the results of the four Newcastle events will be collated, as will the four Lake Mac events. If you run an event more than once your worst result will be the one used!
• In the interest of COVID safety these events have been recycled from last year (start/finish locations have changed as have the control point values) and so no field checking nor vetting has been done. We apologise in advance for any mistakes that may have crept in and gone unnoticed.
• The naming of the files on MapRun follow the template NCN-SS21-22-LDN1-Mayfield West. (NCN is our club abbreviation. SS21-22 - street series and year. LD - Lockdown. N - Newcastle LGA, 1 - First event in the series.)
• The format of the maps has changed from last year (and may yet change again after further discussions). The legend for the maps can be found with the control descriptions.
• Map corrections and other constructive feedback can be sent to
• Enjoy!

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Tuesday, November 30, 2021