2021 Ophir Reserve

2021 Ophir Reserve
Event Date: 2021-04-08
Club: Goldseekers Orienteers
Please note that due to logging starting immediately rather than in 2022 as planned, Macquarie Woods is not available.

Venue: Ophir Reserve is a historic gold mining area 27km north east of Orange.

First mapped by Eric Andrews for the Easter Carnival in 1996, the area has numerous gold diggings, adits and pits as well as old water races which were hand-dug, contouring round the hillsides. The terrain is open, fast running, steep in places.
Map has been updated by Tuve Moeller and Basil Baldwin 2018

Starts: No allocated starts - start window from 10-12.30

Courses/ Classes: (approx. length)
MA/WA - 6km - Hard
MB/WB – 4.5km - Hard
MC/WC - 3km - Hard
MD/WD- 3km - Moderate
Easy- 2km
Very Easy - 1.5km

No catering will be available

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Thursday, April 8, 2021