IKO Local - La Perouse (new map)

IKO Local - La Perouse (new map)
Event Date: 2021-03-13
At: Phillip Bay
Club: Illawarra Kareelah
Venue: - Bicentennial Park, Yarra Bay
Map: La Perouse 1:7500 (new map)
* Short 2km
* Medium 4km
* Long 6km
Start times: 3-4pm
Course closure: 5pm
Please bring your own water, hat
Toilets available
Runners, joggers and walkers all welcome
Beginners are welcome and club members will be on hand to provide some basic coaching. You can go by yourself or as part of a group.

EVENT FEES: Long line and Medium line
-Seniors $10
-Juniors $5
-Seniors $15 (includes SI Stick hire),
- Juniors $10 (includes SI Stick hire)
- Groups $25 (includes one SI stick hire and max of 2 maps)
- Scouts and Guides $5 each in teams of 2 to 4 (includes one SI stick hire and a map for each team member)
EVENT FEES: Short line course - $5 flat fee (sub juniors - no cost)

- Extra maps $2 each

From January 1, 2021, Eventor will offer member entry fees only to people who have paid their 2021 membership fees. If you have not yet renewed your membership, do it before registering for this event. Otherwise, your entry will attract the non-member surcharge. Not currently a member? Join now, before registering for this event, to be eligible for the member discount on the event entry fee.

• Enter on Eventor by midnight 12 March 2021. Ensure your contact details and emergency contact number are current.
• Non-members can enter as a casual. Follow instructions on PDF link 'How to enter as a casual' Just change any reference to TAS to NSW.
Otherwise limited Enter on Day available for newcomers – cashless transactions only.

Read the IKO COVID-19 Safety Information. DO NOT ATTEND IF YOU: are feeling unwell; if you must self-isolate under NSW Health COVID guidance; or you live in regions where the NSW or Australian Government has restricted travel.

Phillip Bay
Saturday, March 13, 2021