SSS #9 Wahroonga

SSS #9 Wahroonga
Event Date: 2020-12-02
At: North Wahroonga
Club: Garingal
Venue: Golden Jubilee Field, Esk Street, North Wahroonga
Map: Lovers Jump

Many loved last years great bush track outing at North Wahroonga under the guiding baton of Tristan White. So much so, that he has been press ganged into another event, this time one ridge to the east, but with much overlapping. The contrast to the leafy homes and the sandstone/eucalyptus bush edging and trails makes for enjoyable summer series art. Tristan in smock and gown.

The Sydney Summer Series (also known as Sydney Map Running) offers great summer orienteering in Sydney, utilising the city's best parks, reserves, beaches, harbour-side and bush areas. Join us as we continue the action packed 30th season.

This is a 45 minute score course event with starts from 4.30pm until 6.45pm. A free off-road MINI course is available.

SSS Season Ticket. Purchasing a season ticket means you are automatically entered for each event. No need to enter each week, just turn up and run.


Orienteering Club Members - Seniors $12, Juniors (Under 21) $8, Families $32.
Casual Registrations (Non-members) - Seniors $20, Juniors (Under 21) $10, Families $50. All casual rates include SI stick hire.
Groups $20. Groups of juniors (eg Scouts and Guides) $10. These entry fees include SI stick hire and two maps. Maximum group size is 4 people.
Extra maps $2, SI Hire $4.

Pre-entry is highly preferred although entry on the day will be available. NO CASH ACCEPTED; tap-and-go payments only. Pre-entry closes Tuesday midnight before the event.

Control Descriptions and maps available on Eventor the evening before the event.
SI-Air+ will be enabled for all field controls. However both the Start and Finish must be physically dipped.
On arrival all competitors please go to the Meeting Point first.

North Wahroonga
Wednesday, December 2, 2020