Metro League 1 - Results and so on

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Thanks to coming out to Castle Hill to enjoy Metro League in somewhat odd circumstances. Special thanks to WHO for very kindly letting us use their map and the Hills Shire Council who seem very supportive of orienteering and community sport. Also thanks to Peter McConaghy who realised before we did that we would need additional maps printing - thanks Peter on behalf of people starting later.

Great work by Simon George stepping in at the last moment to plan some epic orienteering for us, Michael who organised and begged the area and substantial other chunks of the George family specifically and Big Foot in particular.

Thanks to people for their efforts to adopt the reccommended guidelines with respect to cleaning themselves and attempting personal distancing. Obviously we love each other too much to practice this effectively, which is nice but doesn't make orienteering in this environment viable. To the person who decided to finger through the unused maps which had been carefully arranged and processed to minimise human contact - hopefully it was done through ignorance, not wilfully.

See you some time - stay fit, update some maps, shapen your compasses !