Many Big Feet tackle New Zealand Champs

Fifteen Big Feet travelled to Oamaru to tackle the New Zeland Championships over the Easter weekend.

The terrain didn't disappoint, only the relay was on an area that had been used before.

The sprint was around the well preserved town of Oamaru - wins to Lyra Simpson in W12, Nea Shingler (W14), Tracy Bluett (W40A) and Greg Barbour with a 3rd place to Paula Shingler (in the Easter egg hunt affected W50A) set the tone for much of the week with Tracy, Lyra, Nea, Greg and Paula all going on to pick up further places.

Australians found the long championships testingly steep and had somne problems finding trees in the woods.

The middle distance race was on a new area of gold mining - and it was sensational fun, but really hard work. The planners managed to keep hard course competitors in the gold for most of the race causing mental disintegration.


The annual egg hunt was performed with great diligence - for a change the post-event sweep failed to find a single egg :(