St Ives Sprint - (nearly) all the fun of the fair

Thanks to Alistair George for planning and organising a great event. The turn out was a little larger than anticipated - apologies to those who had to use a recycled map or missed out on their choice of course. All the results are here:

Eventor | Big Foot | AttackPoint | RouteGadget | WinSplits

Another quick run by Ewan Shingler as he makes his case for permanent promotion to the Big Foot Metro League Div 1 team. Fastest lady was Ewan's mum Paula - all four Shinglers finished in the top 15 of a field of almost 80 - nice work.

To the few people who ran two courses - please make sure that you register for the second course, don't just go to the start and take a map, it's (a) rude and (b) theft. In particular consider the following issues:

  1. You won't be in the results system if you don't re-register, so we won't come looking for your sorry bones should you fail to return.
  2. All event resources are finite - particularly maps and organiser's good-will. If you exhaust either of those then you are creating problems for other competitors.
  3. All event resources have a cost - many are trivial, but they add up and event's are budgeted around them - don't take more than you paid for without asking.
  4. When you download your second result, you may wipe out your first result by accident. Your second result should not be processed as a regular result, you have gained an unfair advantage over other competitors by already completing one course on the same area. Second runs have been omitted for this event, even when they wiped out the first run.


"For jousting sticks, tell em he's dreaming"