Closing Date: 2019 Sydney Sprint Series 4

2019 Sydney Sprint Series 4
Event Date: 2019-02-17
At: Lilyfield
Club: Uringa
Callan Park, Lilyfield
Near Callan Park Oval pavilion - turn right at N end of Wharf Road. Parking is along Waterfront Drive to the NW of the Oval. Parking also on a sealed area in the front of Building B541 to the SW. Wherever you park - not on grassed areas - gravel or seal only.

Courses: (distance is via shortest route):
* Hard (3.55km)
* Medium (2.75km)
* Easy (1.75km suitable for kids).

Please note All controls will be SIAC activated

Start Times: Between 5-6pm (course closure 6.30pm).
Closing date(s): 2019-02-15,2019-02-16

Saturday, February 16, 2019