2018 West Sydney Orienteering Se...

2018 West Sydney Orienteering Se...
Event Date: 2018-12-09
At: Parramatta
Club: Southern Highlands Occasional Orienteers
Prince Alfred Park Parramatta. Cnr Marist Place and Market St. Parking, some metered, in Villiers St, Ross St and Palmer St. limited parking and toilets in Maccas in Victoria Rd.
Courses offered:- long line 5km, short line 2:8km, score, free mini course.
Most running will be in park-like riverside areas.There will be a short line course totally in the park, a longer line course and a 20 control 45 min score course. There will also be a free MINI course for juniors. Start times are from from 9am to 10.30am. There is a course suitable for all family members.

Orienteering Club Members - Seniors $12, Juniors $8, Families $32.
Casual Registrations (Non-members) - Seniors $20, Juniors $10, Families $50. All casual rates include SI stick hire.
Groups $20 includes SI stick hire and two maps. Scouts and Guides $5 each in teams of 2 to 4.
Extra maps $2, SI Hire $4.
MINI course is free.

First-timers are most welcome, experienced orienteers will be available to provide instructions. All runners, joggers and walkers are welcome. Enter on the Day at the event.

Sunday, December 9, 2018