2018 State League #16 Kitchener

2018 State League #16 Kitchener
Event Date: 2018-09-23
Club: Newcastle Orienteering Club
2018 State League #16 Kitchener

The event area terrain varies from gently undulating in the west and north to steep in the south-east. The flatter areas include subtle gully and watercourse features. Some of the major watercourses are deeply eroded with intricate erosion detail. Overall, the area provides for fast running and there is an extensive track network. Although there are some fences throughout, and they are easily crossed, we recommend you take care as some mapped fences are in poor repair and may be difficult to see. We also recommend full body cover for the occasional foray you'll make into thicker vegetation.

Geoff Peel
0422 471 353

Closing date: 2018-09-17

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Sunday, September 23, 2018