Closing Date: Metroleague #5 2018 - Darks Comm...

Metroleague #5 2018 - Darks Comm...
Event Date: 2018-07-22
Club: Big Foot
Metroleague #5 2018 - Darks Common - Lapstone

Off Explorers Road, Lapstone. Parking in new oval/netball courts car park. Assembly area at southern end of netball courts.
Terrain is open-ish woodland with interesting rock and human-made features.
Map is Darks Common 1:7500, 2018 update
Entry Fees: $12 Senior/$9 Junior (members)
+$3 non-members
+$4 SI unit hire
SIAC and normal punching will be available.
Middle Distance event, so winning times about 35 minutes.
Enter on the day available from 0930-1000 but not for Metroleague teams.

Closing date(s): 2018-07-18,2018-07-19

location not set
Thursday, July 19, 2018