Newcastle Club Minor - Minmi

Newcastle Club Minor - Minmi
Event Date: 2018-03-25
At: Minmi
Club: Newcastle Orienteering Club
Blue Gum Hills, Minmi

This will be our first bush event for the season. Harder courses will be set as Middle Distance style with WINNING times expected to be between 30-35 minutes.

A special “Progressive” course will be available for adults (and accompanied children) that have little to no bush navigating experience. Some of you may have tried either our Street or Urban series so this could be a good way of trying out a bush course. This course will start with “Very Easy” level control placement . Navigational difficulty will then increase as you progress with a few “Moderate” controls introduced later on. Participants will be able to drop up to 2 controls but will concede a five minute penalty for each control they have not visited.

As this is a minor event, maps will be available prior to your start (with the exception of the Hard Long) so that you may plan your routes or ask for assistance from a more experienced orienteer.

Participants are allowed to do the course in pairs (or even small groups) so long as they do not split up.

Courses available
String 0.3 km
Very Easy 1.6 km
Easy 2.0 km
Progressive 2.3 km
Moderate Short 2.0 km
Moderate Long 3.1 km
Hard Short 3.6 km
Hard Long 5.1 km

Sunday, March 25, 2018