2018 Sydney Sprint Series - Nort...

2018 Sydney Sprint Series - Nort...
Event Date: 2018-01-21
At: North Ryde
Club: Garingal
Venue - Macquarie Hospital, Twin Road, North Ryde. Map: Macquarie Hospital 1:4000

Please Enter from Twin Road ONLY and follow the O-signs.
No public toilets or water on site. Nearest facility is Gannan Park approx 500m, or Blenheim Park a bit further away.

A 3km Sprint course set to test your reaction time - be Quick, be Fleet-Footed, Agile and prepared for Change.

The course is only 2.6k *straight line* and rather flat (100% running speed most of the way!) ; but since you're not allowed to run thru brick walls and high fences you'll probably need to do 3.8k *shortest route* (and you can add a couple of de-tours as you wish.)

Start times from 17:00 to 18:00. Course Closure 18:45.

First-timers are most welcome, experienced orienteers will be available to provide instructions. All runners, joggers and walkers are welcome. If you are Walking, please start early - thanks :)

Fees are: Adults $12, Juniors $7. Non-members +$3. SI Hire stick $4.

For Sale: SIAC Air+ sticks @ $105 each; Basic SI sticks @ $50 each

The course controls and Finish are set to accept the use of Air+ contactless punching. The Units will be active and alive for Air+ ; but if your SIAC does not register contactless, please do a physical punch.

North Ryde
Sunday, January 21, 2018