Great weather for Ski-O

Swiss skier Christoph Gasche (pictured below) took out the long course at this year's ski-O event ahead of Canadian skier/orienteer Caelan McLean with Victorian orienteer Warwick Davis just bagging 3rd place. A great turnout of 41 people enjoyed a beautiful day in the alps which followed a couple of very wild and woolly days. Mystery surrounds Caelan McLean - how can an orienteer from the Yukon who XC ski races be doing his first Ski-O event ion Australia ?

Great course planning by Fedor Ishakov made this year's course much trickier than 2016. Thanks to him and fellow Red Roos Marina Ishakova for a great event. The nature of ski-orienteering means that the planning, course-stting and printing happens just before the event, so getting the maps printed, bagged and the controls in the right place is a tense logistical challenge.

Results are on Eventor here

In the other classes ACT orienteer Carys Connick was the winner in the middle from skier Hugo Hinckfess (pictured below) who entered on the spur of the moment. Hugo had to be intercepted just after the start and told that he had to do the controls in order, but rapidly got the hang of orienteering. Noah Poland grarbbed third polace in the middle.






Despite their numeric dominance with 14 competitors, Big Foot failed to take any prize-chocolate in the middle or long, but the Marsh family came through in the short course with Jamie, Paul and Tiia coming in second behind wily veteran Alan Sargeant.

Competitors - remember that you can donate to the Nordic Shelter's upkeep tax-free here.