Ali and Eoin rock the rocks

Alistair George had a good crack at positioning himself for JWOC selection with a solid 3rd place in M20E at the Australian 3 days at Wagga, whilst Eoin Rothery overcame a 3 minutes deficit entering the final event, a sprint at Charles Sturt Uni to win his class outright, but his time for JWOC may be past.

A bunch of other feet did varyingly, looks like the longest leg time any of us managed was about 40 minutes. Jock Davis, Greg Barbour, Jo Parr and Lyra all had their moments in the sun winning an individual day, but ended the weekend badgeless for one reason or another.

The terrain varied from "a lot of granite" to "a lot of granite then a bit of campus orienteering".

In one Big Foot household, there was a debut house victory - this image lifted from bookFace, we can't guess who posted it there.

Confident that day 2 would bring Saacha back within beatable range, Wiz was heard observing that he would overtake Saacha if she wasn't back in "another 7 minutes" when she was spotted downloading.

7 minutes to make up on the sprint ? He just did it, final time: Wiz 2:56:50, Saacha 2:58:48

Oceania is set to be held around Wagga in a few years time - book yourself in.

The picture at the top is the final control of the sprint with Andrew Lumsden and Debbie Byers racing to the line.