Big Foot Sprints - December 24th - Nurragingy Reserve

Big Foot Sprints XX

Big Foot Productions are pleased to bring you the 20th edition of Australia's longest-running Sprint-O event (possibly the longest in the Southern Hemisphere)


Nurragingy Reserve – Map - 1:7500, updated in late 2017.  Mainly parkland with lakes, track network, picnic areas. Grippy footwear recommended, most running shoes should be OK, metal studs will be too hard for the roads and paving.

Note that in the event that the causeway within Nurragingy Reserve is closed then access to Lomandra Picnic Area is via Woodstock Avenue which may not open to 9am. If you do come in that way, the point where you enter the park proper is right next to Lomandra picnic area.  If entering from Knox Road/Cross Street, follow signs to the Southern picnic areas, then Lomandra picnic area. There will be no signage to the event within the park, we are trying to emphasise to the council that orienteering within the reserve has a minimal impact on other users.

If coming on foot, or if the causeway is closed then [park and] proceed on foot from (say) Magpie picnic area across the footbridge to Melaleuca picnic area and over that to the  road next to Lomandra and hence the event. Council's map is here:


Start times -


Enter online via Eventor. Very limited entry on day, Sprint numbers capped at 70.


The Big Foot Sprints Main Event is run over two courses, approximately 2.7 km each with winning times (M21) of 11-15 minutes each. This year, the style is more "short" than sprint, which will be a flash-back for veteran orienteers and maybe a little odd for the younger generation.

Regular SPORTident will be used.

The second course is where the fun starts and is run as a chasing start. You can expect some closely fought finishes.

A single short course (“Easy”) for juniors, newcomers and people who don’t feel like sprinting is also on offer. That will be about 1.5km long.


  • Sprint 1 – between 9 am and 10 am. Because of the large number of entries, we have allocated start times for leg 1 of the sprint. If you don't make your start time, we will squeeze you in, but if you can, please start at your start time.
  • Sprint 2 – chasing start commences at 10:30 am + first sprint time (i.e. if you took 15 min on sprint 1, your start time would be 10.45am). There is usually some variation in this schedule as we wrangle technical issues.

Anyone requiring a split start on course 2 can start early using a punching start, the chasing starters will start with no punch (technology permitting). If you don't start in the chasing start then youi won't be eligible for prizes/titles.

Easy - start any time between 9 am and 11 am


Lomandra Picnic shelter within the reserve..


Within the reserve, near the picnic shelter. Please drive slowly, this is a great area for kids to play and roam in with a fair degree of safety, lets keep it that way.


Andy Simpson - 0413 45 1964  or

Past Winners

The Time

The Place

The boy

The girl

1997 Darks Common Mike Billinghurst (BF) Catherine Annabel Liggins (BF)
1998 Billenbenbong Creek Jock Davis (BF) Catherine Annabel Liggins (BF)
1999 Riverview Alan Garde (NC) Julie Calder (BF)
2001 The Big Show Neil Prosser (BF) Catherine Annabel Liggins (BF)
2002 Darks Common Robbie Preston (NC) Catherine Annabel Liggins (BF)
2003 The Big Show Jock Davis (BF) Grace Elson (WR)
2004 Beecroft Park Andrew Hill (WHO) Jo Parr (BF)
2005 The Big Show Andrew Hill (WHO) Carol Osborne (BF)
2006 Darks Common Dave Meyer (SH) Yelena Fairfax (MF)
2007 The Big Show

Jock Davis (BF)

Jo Parr (BF)

2008 UTS Lindfield and Lane Cove NP

Dave Shepherd (RR)

Jo Allison (RR)

2009 Nurragingy Jock Davis (BF) Tracy Marsh (BF)
2010 Olympic Park Lachlan Dow (BS) Tracy Marsh (BF), Lisa Grant (GO)
2011 The Big Show Josh Blatchford (NC) Cath Chalmers (BF)
2012 Darks Common Patrik Gunnarsson (BF) Tracy Marsh (BF)
2013 Sydney University Andrew Brown (BF) Rachel Effeney (UG)
2014 The Big Show Christian Tingström (Göteborg Majorna OK) Viktoria Ernstsson (Göteborg Majorna OK)
2015 Bicentennial Park Toby Wilson (GO) Marina Iskhakova (BN)
2016 Crimson Hill Julian Dent (CC) Shannon Jones (AO)
2017 Nurragingy Aidan Dawson (GO) Lisa Grant (GO)

Race not held in 2000, by special request of Juan, to avoid reducing quality of competition at the Olympics.