State League - Snow Hills, Sunday 18th March

Information & Program

Round 2 of the NSW State League is scheduled for Snow Hills on Sunday 18th March. This will also be round 2 of the ACT league.

Round 1 of the NSW State League will be staged by the ACT the previous day (Saturday 17th March) as part of the ACT league round 1.

ACT Competitors

ACT league competitors can enter their age class as per ACT championships, or a harder age group.  NSW State Leagues offer a range of courses that don't map directly to the ACT course structure. If you really want to run a course that is different to the courses available by age group (see table below), then enter the corresponding colour course like a normal ACT league event. Note the following NSW classes that correspond to certain ACT courses:

  • Blue (ACT) is Very Easy (NSW)
  • Green (ACT) is Easy

Orange, Red 1 - Red 7 (ACT) will correspond to NSW course Hard 1 - Hard 7 at the event,  special classes Red 1 - Red 8 have been added.

There is only one orange course.

NSW Competitors

Do not enter the special classes Red 1 - Red 7 if you want to score state league points.

If you are using one or more NSW government Active Kids voucher(s) for State League, please enter as normal and advise the organiser of which entries/entry it applies to. You will be refunded for those entries by the organiser who will co-ordinate use of the voucher with ONSW. In the event that you have attempted to double-dip and claim the family discount too, then the refund will be adjusted appropriately. This only applies to State League 1, events in the ACT are not part of this scheme.


Please enter using Eventor - there will be a limited number of maps available for enntry on day and the price for the hard (red) and moderate (orange) courses will be pegged at the pre-entry rate.

You will need to enter separately for each event this weekend. 

Start Times

Start times will be allocated from 9.30am. If you need an early start or a later start, please use the appropriate service in Eventor and send the organiser a note indictaing which person on the entry requires the offset start time. If you miss your start time, you can wait at the start for the next vacancy on that course.

Class/Course Details

Details are not available yet. As soon as we have a rough idea we will publish them - hopefully before the end of February.

The 2017 trial of a very short hard course will continue, this will be set with a length of about 20% of M21A for this event. The NSW classes on the course will be:

M80A, M85A,W75A,W80A,W85A,M65AS,W65AS


Preliminary Course Lengths and Allocations - this will probably change

Classes   Distance (km) Climb (m)
M21A, Red 1 Hard 1 12.2 345
M20A, M35A, M40A, Red 2 Hard 2 9.4 350
M45A, Red 3, W21A Hard 3 7.4 270
M21AS, M50A, Red 4, W20A, W35A, W40A, W45A Hard 4 6.1 250
M16A, M35AS, M55A, M60A, M65A, Red 5, W50A Hard 5 5.5 210
M45AS, M70A, Red 6, W16A, W21AS, W55A, W60A Hard 6 4.3 185
M55AS, M75A, Red 7, W35AS, W45AS, W55AS, W65A, W70A Hard 7 3.8 140
M80A, M85A, Red 8, W65AS, W75A, W80A, W85A Hard 8 2.4 80
EOD Moderate, M Junior B, M Open B, M14A, Orange, W Junior B, W Open B, W14A Moderate 3.1 125
EOD Easy, Green - Open Easy, M12A, W12A Easy 2.6 35
Blue - Open Very Easy, EOD Very Easy, M/W10N, M10A, W10A Very Easy 2.1 25