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Gear Who has it Who gave it to them When it went When its dues back
BF start and finish banners & holders Jock      
Club flag Mark      
50 locks  (approx) Jock      
26 mini control flags Jock      
10 mini control flags Patrik Jock   ASAP
30 (?) control flags - not on stands Jock & Nicky      
SportIdent Splits Printer/Download kit Andy      

50 BSF8 SI units numbered 201-250

4 BSF8 Units labeled clear,check, start finish

Cath Jock, Andy    
1 BSF 7 Master unit with USB terminator Andy      
38 SI-8 sticks for hire in box Andy      
12 SI sticks for sale Andy      
1 SI-8 stick Jason Rutkowski Patrik   ASAP
Money box Cath? (Andy had spare key)    
60 light-weight control stands with control flags and BSF8 mounts Jock & Nicky      
Bench control stand with BSF7, BSF8 mounts (Finish stand) Jock & Nicky      
various old control stands Jock & Nicky      
Laptop, inkjet printer, big splits printer, power-backup Andy      
2 x Power brick thingoes Andy      
Sticker printer Andy      
2 x 20-unit SI holding jackets Jock ? Andy ?      
2 x Stand carrying bags Jock & Nicky      
All remaining kit Jock & Nicky