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Gear Who has it Who gave it to them When it went When its dues back
New finish banner & holder Jock      
Club flag Andy Mark    
39 locks, 32 control numbers 201-236  Jock      
3 locks Andy Cath    
SportIdent Splits Printer/Download kit Andy      
40 BSF8 SI units Andy      
40 SI-8 sticks for hire in box Andy      
Money box Cath? (Andy has spare key)    
35 control stands heads & poles numbered 201-236 each with BSF8 mount & punch. Two pole caps to protect stakes when hammerig. Jock & Nicky      
1 control stand with 2 BSF8 mounts Jock & Nicky      
5 control stands with 2 BSF7 mounts Jock & Nicky      
2 control stands with 1 BSF7, 1 BSF8 mount Jock & Nicky      
13 control stands with 1BSF7 and a punch Jock & Nicky      
Laptop, portable inkjet printer, big splits printer, power-backup Andy      
Sticker printer Andy      
All remaining kit Jock & Nicky