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Various pieces of software that may come in handy. There are some useful files for using SI for summer series and other SI related files (particularly for Ór and MeOS) on a web-page here

Program Purpose Platform License Price
Atomic Time Clock Set time correctly on Windows. Use before programming SportIdent units. Windows (Linux & possibly Apple should do this themselves). Commercial free
Countdown Automated periodic start announcements (aka "start robot"). Windows Freeware free


SI event software with entry management.

Interfaces directly to Eventor to exchange competitors, startlists, results etc. Very cool.


Open Source


MEOS-OZ A Big Foot fork of MEOS with a few adaptations for Australia. Windows Open Source free

Mapping and Planning (Big Foot have one copy of OCAD 8 - ask Andy who currently has it).

Andy and Andrew have OCAD 10 in case you need to convert a file.

Windows Commercial $$
Ór SportIdent results software All (Java) Freeware free
PeriodicWebPrinter Program that will print a web page periodically (can be used to print Or results). Windows (source available for Linux, Mac) Open Source free
Purple Pen Planning - now with support for MTBO and SSS type score events. Windows Open Source free
SI Config SportIdent unit programming software Windows Commercial free
SI Simple SportIdent post-event results software Windows, Linux Open Source free
SI Check Safety check for Ór events when SportIdent cards are re-used Windows (source available for Linux, Mac) Open Source free
DxfExtract Mapping utility - extracts the DXF layer names from a dxf file for use in OCAD import. Windows Freeware free